MLBF PhotO Rules

Issuance of credentials to any individual or organization is at the sole discretion of the Monroe Life Balloon Festival, (MLBF). MLBF reserves the right to determine whether individuals/organizations are designated media or commercial ventures. Determination by the MLBF is final.
Anyone intending to engage in Commercial Venture photography must obtain Credentials through the MLBF Public Relations department prior to the event to be photographed. A licensing fee will be charged as established by Monroe Life Balloon Fest.
Privacy of the participants at The Monroe Life Balloon Festival is respected, and photography of individuals at the Festival may be limited by the individuals denial of a request for a photograph. Failure to comply with such a request is grounds for expulsion from the Festival.
All Commercial Venture photographers and Journalism Media members are required to display prominently MLBF identification and/or Media Credentials throughout the Festival weekend.
Inappropriate photography/videography that, in the sole opinion of the Monroe Life Balloon Festival, would reflect in a derogatory manner on the organizers, benefactors, the event, or its participants, is prohibited. Offensive or overly aggressive pursuit of photographs is not permitted.
Monroe Life Balloon Festival reserves the right to review any photographs obtained at the Festival site. MLBF also reserves the right to prohibit any inappropriate photography/videography that, in the sole opinion of the MLBF, would reflect in a derogatory manner on the organizers, benefactors, the event, or its participants.
MLBF does not authorize any re-broadcast, re-transmission, resale, or supplying of any photograph, video, or other electronic recordings of the Monroe Life Balloon Festivall events to any third party without express written permission from MLBF.
Credentials issued cover the Festival weekend, including Saturday and Sunday, or as otherwise specified on the credentials, for the Festival Year in which they are issued.
Credentials are non-transferable.
Commercial Ventures are to supply copies of all imagery obtained on festival grounds to MLBF within two weeks after the event. Commercial ventures shall agree to permit the MLBF to utilize the photos/video for our own archives, as well as for our own promotional purposes. MLBF agrees not to sell this material, and will give proper credit if provided by the photographer.
Commercial Photographers are granted license to use the images obtained for the purpose stated in the license application.
Subsequent sale of personal/social photographs constitutes a Commercial Venture and requires the express written consent of Monroe Life Balloon Festival.
Monroe Life Balloon Festival reserves the right to revoke credentials for violation of MLBF rules.
All persons or corporations seeking official credentials must submit a letter of request and/or complete an application giving Monroe Life Balloon Festival. notice of their intentions. Commercial Photographers must disclose the intended use of the photographs or images. Details including the manner in which the images will be utilized along with a description of the type of shots that will be sought must be included in the request letter or application. (MLBF does not seek to limit artistic expression, but reserves the right to preclude offensive, derogatory, or demeaning photographs, or to limit offensive behavior by the photographer).
Persons seeking Credentials for Commercial Photography must sign the Monroe Life Balloon Festival Commercial Photography Agreement, and must execute a Hold Harmless Agreement.
Proper identification is required in order to obtain Credentials.
Requests for Media / Photography credentials should be received by Monday, August 26, 2019. Letters should be addressed to Media Requests, Monroe Life Balloon Festival, 11921 Kingston Pike, Suite 201, Knoxville, TN 37934. Request letters can also be sent via email to
Monroe Life Balloon Festival generally does not charge a fee for journalism media (newspaper, television, radio), but reserves the right to require a licensure fee from journalistic endeavors deemed Commercial as generally defined herein. Determinations are made on a case specific basis, at the sole discretion of the MLBF.
Commercial photographers will be charged a licensing fee as established by Monroe Life Balloon Festival.
Book publishers will be subject to a licensing fee as agreed upon with Monroe Life Balloon Festival.
Other Journalistic Endeavors are subject to a licensing fee as determined by the MLBF, based upon the scope of the endeavor.
Media Credentials are subject to a licensing fee to be determined by the MLBF.
The licensing/location fee for non-news television programs and all other broadcast endeavors will be determined on an individual basis.
Licensing/location fees must be paid in full either by cash or check prior to Monday, August 26, 2019 in order to allow adequate time for credentials to be processed.
Each individual must sign for and pick up his or her credentials in person at the Information Pavilion, adjacent to the main Festival gates. Each person must also sign a hold-harmless and waiver of liability agreement as well as a commercial photography agreement prior to issuance of official credentials.