Skip & Toni Durham
Balloon Meister

High Jinx

Skip and Toni have been involved in ballooning since 2009, first as a private pilot flying for fun and then as a commercial pilot. In 2010, they formed Bluff City Balloon to give others the fun and enjoyment of a private hot air balloon ride. They are one of only 6 balloons in the country specially outfitted to take up folks with any special needs. Giving and sharing is a way of life for the Durhams, they are excited to be a part of the fiesta.

Jared Miller

Fiery Gizzard

Jared is from Bowling Green, Kentucky and has been involving with ballooning for since 1997. It’s a family affair with his wife Amy as his crew chief, they purchased their first balloon in 2007. Ballooning is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time working with family and friends while operating a small balloon ride business in Bowling Green. Stop by and meet Jared, Amy, Pierce and Megan Miller, ask them about the name of their balloon.

Michael J Stinson

Brandy O

Michael is from Louisville, Kentucky and has been involved with ballooning since the early 80s with his uncle. Experienced flights in several states and Mexico in balloons up to 120,000 cubic feet is just a glimpse of this commercial pilots history. When not up in the air, Michael serves his city as Battalion Chief of the Louisville Fire Department, with 21 years of service to date. He also is the owner/operator of Louisville Tree Care. Proudly married with two children, one of whom is currently a student pilot. The firefighting, hot air balloon pilot is looking forward to being a part of the fiesta.

Frank Anger


Frank hails from Tupelo, Mississippi and has been a Hot Air Balloon Pilot since 1995. Flying the patriotic, "America" balloon is something of which he holds great passion. Since 1987, Frank has been the owner of Mississippi Bottle Water, he has also enjoyed being a college basketball referee. Feel free to yell, "Go Bulldogs," when you approach Frank, the former cheerleader and graduate of Mississippi State University has great pride in his alma mater. He is excited to be a part of this fundraising event, enjoying it all while giving back.

Billy Green

Blue Moon

Billy is from Shepherdsville, Kentucky and has been a part of the ballooning community for 19 years. It started with helping out at a tethered balloon event, followed by pilot training and then getting the first balloon, Billy has both a private and commercial pilot license. In 2018, Billy participated in his first long jump flight for 2 hours and 11 minutes traveling 46 miles, reaching maximum altitude of just over 14,000 feet. We he is not ballooning, it is sharing about the sport and educating others that is enjoyed most. Check him out at www.lighterthanairballoonadventures.com